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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we are asked are listed below. If you can't find an answer to your question here, please contact us.

  1. Bracket
  2. TAD
  3. Archwire
  4. Elastic Ligature
  5. Band
  6. Spring
  7. Hook
  8. Chain
  9. Spacer or Separator

Appointments and Scheduling

Do Dr. Lin and Dr. Bialkowski work at both the Scheuring and Webster offices? Answer

Yes, they work at both locations. This means there are days during the week that either the Scheuring or Webster office is closed.

Is it okay to walk in for an appointment? Answer

We suggest you call first and speak to one of our scheduling coordinators. We would not want you to make a special trip to an office that is closed. We also want to ensure there is adequate time reserved for you to receive attention and care.

Will I see both Dr. Lin and Dr. Bialkowski for my orthodontic appointments? Answer

We will only schedule you with your appointed orthodontist throughout your treatment. However, the doctors do cover one another's emergency appointments, so you may have the opportunity to receive care from both of them.


If you have questions regarding your treatment, or if you are experiencing pain, please contact our office at 920.336.2299. Our scheduling coordinators are trained to help you with your questions and to help you get as comfortable as possible before you can be seen.

What should I do if I am in pain and need care on a weekend? Answer

An on-call assistant is available to assist you if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort from your braces or appliances. On the weekends, please call our office, follow the prompts and leave a message. The assistant will promptly return your call and many times can ensure your comfort until you are seen by our doctors.

What do I do if I experience…?

  • Loose bracket

    Typically the bracket will remain on the wire and not cause any discomfort. You can leave the bracket on the wire and even place wax over the bracket if it causes any irritation. If you are comfortable, call our office Monday through Friday and we can determine whether you should be seen prior to your scheduled appointment.

  • Loose band

    If there is an appliance attached to the loose band, please call us to remove or replace it.

  • Poking wire

    Wires can begin to poke toward the back of the mouth when the teeth start to straighten out. Place wax over the poking wire for comfort. If a wire causes too much discomfort, please contact our office and we will work to restore your comfort.

  • Elastic ligature came off

    No need to call or make a special trip to the office. We'll replace the color ties at your next appointment.

  • Separator fell out

    Floss in the area where the separator was, if the floss sticks between the teeth, call to have the separator replaced. If the floss moves freely, this means you have enough space and you can probably wait until your next scheduled appointment.

  • General soreness

    It is normal to experience some tenderness with biting pressures and it can last up to five days. It may help to stay on a soft food diet and take Tylenol or Advil (follow package directions).

  • Canker sores

    This is normal while your cheeks are toughening up the braces. Rinse with warm salt water and use wax on the brackets until healed.

  • Broken or lost removable retainer

    Call our office to schedule an appointment to be seen. We will need to take another impression to remake your retainer. Please remember there is a repair or replacement fee for any lost or broken retainer.

  • Loose fixed retainer

    Call our office to schedule an appointment. We will need to bond (glue) the wire back to the tooth. Please remember there is a repair fee for any loose retainers.

Should I wear a mouth guard if I play sports? Answer

Yes! We strongly encourage wearing a mouth guard when playing any contact sport. We recommend a boil and bite mouth guard that can be purchased at any sporting goods store. These mouth guards can be re-boiled and formed around teeth and brackets throughout the course of your treatment.

Brush Up on Healthy Teeth

Whether or not you wear braces, good oral hygiene is necessary to keep your smile healthy and looking great. These essential steps can help.

Personal Care

How do I keep things clean? Answer

Whether or not you wear braces, good oral hygiene is necessary to keep your smile healthy and looking great. Braces have areas that hide food and plaque, which can lead to decalcification stains, cavities and gum disease. Daily brushing and flossing is a must.

Our office will supply you with all the tools you need to keep your mouth healthy. Our on-staff hygienist and certified orthodontic assistants will instruct you on proper brushing and flossing techniques for wearing braces. We also recommend using fluoridated toothpaste and a fluoride rinse while you're wearing braces.

Do I need to watch my diet? Answer

Your orthodontic appliances must be handled with care. Hard pressure or repeated motion applied to the appliances/braces can cause damage or breakage. That's why we ask that you make certain choices when it comes to eating.

The basic rule is, stay away from sticky, chewy, gummy or hard foods. Sodas contain sugar and acids that are very damaging to your teeth's enamel, so substitute those drinks with something better. Avoid chewing on toothpicks, pencils, ice cubes, and even fingernails—they've all been known to break away braces.

How do I protect my smile? Answer

Accidents can happen during any physical activity. If you play sports, you should always wear a mouth guard. A properly fitted mouth guard not only helps to protect your teeth, but also your brackets and other appliances. Additionally, a mouth guard provides a barrier between your cheeks and lips and your braces, further limiting injury.

And remember to wear your retainer to help maintain your smile. If your retainers feel tight, it's probably a sign you need to wear them more often!

Essential Tools

Provided throughout treatment:

  • floss threaders
  • orthodontic toothbrushes
  • first bottle of special
    fluoride rinse
  • wax

Available for purchase:

  • Sonicare® toothbrushes
  • Sonicare brush heads
  • special fluoride