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State-of-the-Art Treatment Technology

OSGB makes beautiful, straighter smiles using a range of patient-friendly systems.

Self-ligating brackets
Our self-ligating brackets are low-profile. They softly guide your teeth into alignment. The free-sliding technology delivers faster results with less discomfort than traditional braces that have wire ties or ligatures. Your teeth are free to move more quickly, easily and comfortably. The brackets come in two styles:


A translucent ceramic bracket that offers fast, comfortable treatment with the added benefit of high aesthetics. Clear brackets are a less noticeable bracket for the outside of the teeth.

Stainless Steel

Small, low-profile brackets with no elastic or wire ties for less irritation, less plaque buildup, and less difficulty keeping your teeth clean. Stainess steel brackets are used on the inside or outside of the teeth.

Self-ligating Bracket

TADs: Temporary Anchorage Devices
A TAD is a device that provides orthodontic anchorage, allowing for more tooth control and precise movements. A TAD can be used instead of headgear and can eliminate the need, in some cases, for jaw surgery. They allow for faster treatment time, predictable tooth movements with greater convenience and comfort.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment


Soft Tissue Laser
OSGB uses a soft tissue laser to reduce “gummy” smiles by reshaping gum tissue to reveal more teeth than gums. It's also used to uncover impacted teeth. This technology enables the ability to remain on course with individualized treatment without additional time or coordination with other dental professionals.