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Treatment Steps: From Beginning, Straight to the End

Teeth will move over time with a constant steady pressure. During your customized treatment, regularly scheduled adjustments are made to your teeth as determined by your treatment plan. Our state-of-the-art mechanics cause very little discomfort as they move your teeth.

Here is an example of what you can expect from your overall orthodontic experience at OSGB. Keep in mind that no two patients are alike and every smile is different.

  1. Your initial visit and courtesy examination. more

    Meet your doctor and treatment coordinator. Undergo a clinical evaluation to determine if it's the right time for diagnostic records. If diagnostic records are recommended, they could consist of any of the following:

    Cephalometric Digital Radiograph
    A 2D image that allows your orthodontist to study your upper and lower jaws, and the growth of your jaws as it relates to your treatment.

    Panoramic Digital Radiograph
    A 2D image that allows your orthodontist to study bone structure, roots and eruption progress of your teeth.

    i-CAT® CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Assembled Tomography)
    This is an advanced, 3D image. The CBCT image data allows us to generate both cephalometric and panoramic images.

    Doctors then review the diagnostic records to put together an individualized plan for your next appointment.

  2. Your next appointment is a consultation with a treatment coordinator. more
    • Your diagnostic records are reviewed.
    • Treatment options are discussed.
    • Cost of treatment is presented.
    • Insurance coverage and a payment plan is established (dependent on credit history).
  3. You're getting braces! Remember, growth, compliance and hygiene all contribute to your successful smile. Treatment varies from one patient to another and a variety of advancements may be part of your customized treatment. more

    SureSmile®: A labial system, which is placed on the outside of teeth.
    SureSmile QT: A lingual system, placed on the inside of teeth.

    Impressions are taken during your visit

    • A soft, putty material is placed in a tray.
    • The tray fits over your teeth and within a minute the putty hardens to become rubber-like. We now have a mold of your teeth which is used to create a stone model.

    Lab Process

    • Doctor places the brackets on the stone model in the most ideal position.
    • A putty material is poured around the brackets to create a custom bracket tray.

    Your follow-up visit two weeks later

    • Brackets are bonded (glued) onto your teeth using the custom bracket tray.
    • Initially a heat-sensitive wire is placed in your brackets for leveling, aligning and space closure.
    • Your doctor will let you know when you're ready for the SureSmile wire

    SureSmile Process

    • An i-CAT CBCT scan is taken of you. The scan is used to create a 3-D model of your teeth. The 3-D model is used by your doctor to create your individualized treatment plan.
    • Once your doctor finalizes your prescription, SureSmile's robot bends your custom shaped archwire according to your doctors treatment plan.
    • We will have you return in six weeks and will replace your initial wire with your SureSmile wire. When the wire is inserted each tooth will move to the prescribed position.
    • You visit OSGB every 8-10 weeks for adjustments until treatment is complete and your smile is ready.

    BPA-free plastic aligners worn over teeth.

    • Impressions are taken during your visit.
    • You return eight weeks later and are fitted with doctor-prescribed aligners.
    • Aligners are changed every two weeks. Office visit timeframes are determined based on your specific needs.
  4. Your customized plan includes regular office visits for treatment adjustments. more
    • May occur every 8-10 weeks
    • Will include a hygiene check
    • May modify SureSmile wire, or evaluate elastic wear
    • Will replace ties or chain if necessary
    • Progress photos may be taken
  5. Your braces are coming off! And in far less time than if you had traditional, old-fashioned braces! Once your braces are removed, impressions may be taken for retainers.
  6. Receive your retainers. Remember retention is for life! more

    Removable retainers
    Initially, these need to be worn full time. The numbers of hours you'll need to wear your removable retainer will be reduced over time. If your retainers feel tight, it's probably a sign that you need to wear them more.

    Fixed retainers
    Fixed retainers are bonded (glued) to the back of the teeth.

  7. Admit it…you kinda miss us. We miss you too! All kidding aside, we'll have you come back in for some minor post-treatment monitoring.
    • After the removal of your braces, OSGB will continue to monitor your retainer wear. Plus, keep an eye on your wisdom teeth and make any recommendations if needed.

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